8 key expenses contract bookkeepers should not forget



As a contract bookkeeper Melbourneb it means that you are working for yourself and in setting your rates there are certain expenses that you should always keep in your head. You are your own boss which offers its perks however you have to be extremely careful with setting your rates.


  1. Personal Leave/Annual Leave/Superannuation for bookkeepers – Since you are your own boss it is up to you to set your time off from working. In setting your rates is important that this be taken into consideration as you will be paying for your own leave. As it relates to superannuation if you decline yourself this payment then you will also be declining yourself retirement.
  2. Profits – The goal of everyone, here, is to make a profit. It is your benefit to set up a reasonable projected income and then add a profit margin to your pricesso that you can use it later on.

 Basic Expenses

  1. Meals, Mileage & Travel – As a contract bookkeeper you will be required to do your duties for your client in an accurate and efficient way. If you have a car and will need to travel to your client’s business then this expense should be included somewhere in your fee. Based on the client you are working for there may also come a time where you have to overnight somewhere and this is where meal cost comes in.
  2. Equipment – This expense is one that would be calculated into your fee over a longer period of time. The main equipment required for bookkeeping is a computer which can last many years as long as you maintain and care it.
  3. Insurance – Everything happens at different points in a person’s life and mistakes do happen as much as we may not want them to. It is wise to factor in your insurance expenses into your pricing so that you can protect yourself as well as your equipment.

 Other Expenses

  1. Professional Development & Training – Bookkeepers know that there are changing laws that govern bookkeeping. This expense can be spread over a longer period of time as you can determine when you want to make updates or additions on your education in bookkeeping.
  2. Utilities – The cost of bills such as water and light can be factored into your pricing but does not have to be a big factor. After maybe a month or two of working you can make an easy estimate of what you will need to pay and then factor it into your fees.
  3. Unexpected Expenses –You will not always know what is coming up a month or a year from the present. It is important to have a way to cover unexpected costs that may arise while you are working.

The most important expense of bookkeepers Melbourne is their income. [http://bookkeeperco.com.au/]A bookkeeper can set their realistic basic income as an hourly or annual projected figure. Once you are aware of your expenses you can set a realistic and reasonable rate for your bookkeeping services.

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