To Fix Or Not To Fix That Is The Question

Right now we’ve been in a purchasers’ market for real estate, with decreased public auction clearance rates and strong supply, more and more attractive bargain deals are showing up.

Though, anytime that everything’s looking good, past experiences lets us know it may not be plain sailing. Hurdles materialise out from nowhere. Right now the big concern is home interest rates. And recently the head of the Reserve Bank made it very clear that rates are going higher.

The astute family home buyer or investor should certainly consider applying for a fixed rate for a part or all of any new loan or loan refinancing. That will actually not be a challenge.

All you need to do is check out the varied fixed rates available through the numerous lenders and after that make contact with the lenders to try to do a deal. Or contact us at Home Loans Frankston and we can do all the leg work for you.

To Fix Or Not To Fix That Is The Question

Should you do this at the outset of your property hunt, you can actually possibly come unstuck. In the event you depend on calculating whatever you can afford to borrow at the start of your quest, there may be every probability that amount will change by the point you actually get your hands on the cash.

Usually, your “fixed” rate only gets fixed at the moment the mortgage loan is drawn down. Fixed Rates may vary significantly in between now and as soon as the mortgage finally gets drawn down. Your feeling of secureness can be very fleeting.

Not like the variable rate which inline along with the Reserve Bank Cash Rate, fixed home interest rates move around separately, often each week. So, if it takes you ninety days in order to locate and buy a property, and then up to 8 weeks to exchange contracts and settle the purchase, you could see yourself in an exceedingly totally different interest-rate environment. Almost half a year would have gone by.

However you will find there’s way to beat this issue. If you opt to try a fixed-rate loan, it is possible to be sure the right fixed rate of interest right now and be alert from scam and read more, while it is remains going at an amount within your budget.

Many lenders are offering home owners the chance to lock in fixed interest rates. For a fee, (you knew there’d be a fee right?), mortgage companies allow people to ‘secure the fixed rate before settlement.

For anyone who is focused on wanting a fixed rate home loan then a percentage rate lock is something you’ll want to think about.  A rate lock is wonderful for the first time home buyer who might be pushing themselves on a financial basis with purchasing their initial family home. It’s also an excellent option for an experienced real estate investor who has noticed a terrific fixed interest rate deal and does not want to allow it to expire.

At  Home Loans Frankston we can take you step-by-step through all the various lenders options and show you how they would probably perform in your own situation. Simply just chat with us and let us do the work for you.

Important Features to Consider

An interest rate lock might seem as a really simple financial product or service but there are actually differences which can produce a difference.

Firstly, just how long will the lock hold?

The rate-lock time period differs from Fourteen days to three months. Investigate exactly what your mortgage lender offers so you do not have to confront the expense of renewing the rate lock.

And, undoubtedly, we all know that practically nothing comes free of charge. The charge might be based on a percentage of the mortgage loan or it could be a a flat cost. You are given no price reduction for restoring a rate lock following a expiry of the lock period.

You ought to be sure that guarding your self from increasing rates is not going to stop you from gaining from a fall in rates. Only some lenders’ rate lock will allow you to reap the benefits of a move in your favour.

Finally, it is advisable to look closely at when the lock really will begin. Quite a few lenders will start your lock from the time you send in your application some will start the rate lock on the day your application is approved.You can also find some good services here this will help you in this regard.


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